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WWLF Spotlight: Jennifer Patterson

02 Jan 2022 11:33 AM | Anonymous

Jennifer Patterson, West Region Sales Director, Further Enterprise Solutions

How long have you been a City Rep for WWLF and what is your territory/region?
I have been the WWLF City Representative for Seattle/Portland for nearly a year.

Why did you join WWLF?
I joined WWLF for a NUMBER of reasons! The first was to just meet more like minded women in the wireless industry that has predominantly been a male-driven industry. There are so many smart, talented, and ambitious women in this industry that love the industry as much as I do. Secondly, I love being involved in causes that drive women to be ambitious, driven, and inspired to carry an ever changing industry like wireless to the next level. Lastly, I chose WWLF to learn. Every time I sit in on a webinar, go to an event, or attend a meeting I ALWAYS learn from those attending those events as well which in the long run makes me a better person and professional in this industry.

How has being a part of WWLF impacted you personally or professionally?
Being a part of WWLF has made me exponentially more confident beyond my 38 years on this earth! I have been able to not only learn from women who have been in this industry longer than me, but I’ve also had the opportunity to mentor those just joining WWLF as well. I have also developed great admiration and really mentors of my own that I love following through the WWLF organization. It’s through those mentors and inspirations that I have been able to evolve my confidence and career positively.

Where did you get your start in the industry? What is your current role?
My first role in the industry was a GIS Analyst at Clearwire (formerly Sprint and now T-Mobile for those keeping score!) I was one of two GIS Analysts nationwide to provide the maps for coverage (RF), Real Estate, and other key business units nationwide for Clearwire. Now, I have my current role at Further Enterprise Solutions being their West Region Sales Director for the last two years and also becoming the Director of Vendor Management/Procurement to help our Operations team have a fantastic start to the 2022 year!

 What is your favorite Quote?
“Be happy in this moment, this moment is your life!”

What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence to me means that no matter the success or challenge that is given to you on a given day, that experience is brought in front of you because you can handle it with grace, determination, gratitude for the opportunity, and capability to execute to achieve a positive outcome. Specifically to sales there are many opportunities for success, but there are equally and usually more opportunities to learn, be challenged, and possibly experience failure (or what I prefer to call gaining learning experience). There is no failure unless you choose failure and quit. Confidence is the ability to look beyond the easy decision of failing and using it to learn and more times than not, not facing that same outcome again because you learned confidently how to handle it the next turnaround. Confidence is knowing you can when the world may tell you that you can’t.

How do you define success?
Success means improving or being better than last time. If the outcome of your last result is the same or worse it’s because you didn’t take the time to learn or develop best practices to make your next attempt better. You didn’t ask the question. You didn’t research it in that book. You didn’t observe from someone who has mastered that skill. Success means doing the work so that even by a little bit you improved your last result. With each new positive development, those are the building blocks to achieve BIG success. The most dynamic, inspirational, and admired successful people didn’t just land the big successes – they achieved the little ones to get to the big ones!

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