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Pivoting with Purpose, written by Juliette Hamer

01 Aug 2022 1:53 PM | Anonymous

Juliette D. Hamer
Business Development, Director of Sales, Tillman Infrastructure

When I started in telecom in 1993, I had just moved to Texas from Los Angeles and was working for a temp agency.  They placed me at a two-way radio company called A&B Electronics as a file clerk. I had no idea what two-way was, let alone what they even did! I had plans to be an architect: I would design, and my dad would build. Little did I know my path was about to change.

Time went on and A&B Electronics grew to be Pittencrieff Communications and a few years later was acquired by a little company we all know: Nextel Communications. I was so eager to learn and absorb as much as I could from the people that took the time to teach me. I wanted to be in every department so I could understand how each impacted one another. And that I did, I would soon move from filing to air-time billing, to a position as an executive assistant to the Director of Operations as well as Human Resources in my early years. 

Several years later, I started working for Titan Towers, and this was truly my introduction to legal and the tower side of vertical real estate. I had the most incredible leaders at Titan who mentored me, many of whom are still in the industry. While I was working at Titan Towers, I found my groove and knew I was headed in the right direction. I was hooked on wireless. After a brief stint on the carrier side working for T-Mobile, I soon went back to the tower side with Mountain Union Telecom, T-Mobile Towers, and Crown Castle. My direction shifted and the collective experience from my past gave me the confidence to continue to pursue advancement. Currently, I work at Tillman Infrastructure as their Director of Sales. This is a position I created in tandem with my boss, as a solution to business needs and the next step in my career advancement.

Of all the lessons I have learned over the years, one of my key takeaways is you do not have to stay in a role that is not the right fit for you. If you find yourself in a role that is not fulfilling, glean the information you can while seeking out your next opportunity. Always trust your gut and surround yourself with teams that make you strive to be better. Find companies that believe in you and give you the platform to grow and be the best version of yourself. As you continue to grow, establish relationships, and pivot to the next endeavor, pause and enjoy the journey and never forget the “telecom roots'' you came from.

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