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WWLF Spotlight: Arleth Carbajal

27 Nov 2022 5:09 PM | Anonymous

Arleth Carbajal
Senior Project Manager, LCC Telecom Services
WWLF Regional Director Events - Central Region

How long have you been a City/Regional Rep for WWLF and what is your territory/region?

"I have been the Regional Director Events – Central Region since 2021. I was formerly the City Rep for Chicago."

Why did you join WWLF?

"I joined WWLF to connect with other female professionals in our wireless industry."

How has being a part of WWLF impacted you personally or professionally?

"WWLF has tremendously impacted me professionally and personally. The women have helped me find my voice and boosted my confidence. I have in turned done my best to also assist any new members as they come in unsure of how to connect. I have not only made professional connections but I can call some of these women my friends!"

Where did you get your start in the industry? What is your current role?

"I have been with LCC Telecom Services for 11 years. I started as front desk receptionist, then assisted with their real estate. I then moved to their accounting department before I moved to the site acquisition side. I am now a Senior Project Manager, assisting, guiding and overseeing various projects. I am a board member and co-chair of membership for Illinois State Wireless Association. "

What are your top 3 leadership lessons or advice?

"1) always be sure to listen
 2) Stay organized
 3) know your audience. I have had to learn to work with different personalities and how to efficiently communicate with each one."

How do you define success?

"Success is different for everyone. For me, Success is feeling fulfilled and happy."

What do you like to do outside of work?

"I love to spend time with my 3 children, (1 year old, 2 year old and 10 year old), going outside or to the park. We love to stay in and have movie nights together.  I also do crafting on my free time."

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